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Check Out Some Hot BBros. Vids!!

Bihlman Bros. LIVE - National Cherry Fest - 2014  - Jubilee


Jabo rips off a little Muddy Waters!



Official American Son Music Vid


Bihlman Bros. Summit Everest!! 

Nice headline aye? This is a short video on the Bros. that has absolutley nothing to do with mountain climbing, and everything to do with butt shakin' blues rock!! 

Check it out!



Bihlman Bros. LIVE @ the Silverton Casino - Las Vegas "Looks Like Rain"  

Stick around for the extended jam the at 3:15 of the vid.  Jabo let's it rip!  


Here's the Bihlman Bros. breakout hit "Jubilee" LIVE @ the Sands Showroom! 



Bihlman Bros. LIVE @ Tobaksgaarden - Assens, Denmark  "Broken Wings" 


Check out Scot 'Little' Bihlman's Secret Weapon for more fun!  This thing has been used on countless Bihlman Bros. tracks to add that percussion sound we love so much.


The Bihlman Bros. were the last band to ever record at the famed Cherokee Studios in Hollywood, CA.  Here's a short vid from the EMMY Award winning documentary "The Road To 751 Fairfax" 


Check out Jabo's personal Demo Reel for more fun....he sings, he plays guitar, he hosts TV commercials....he ROCKS!


Scot 'Little' Bihlman Demo Reel.  He sings, he drums, he plays guitar, he also ROCKS! 


Check out this trailer for the new Rich Brauer film "Fitful" starring Renee O'conner (of Zena fame).  The Bihlman Bros. "Angel's Wings" is the end credits tune.  Sweeeeeeet!


Check out the trailer for our buddy Matt Palka's film "VW Bus Tour: American Bohemia" which just won the Best Independent Motion Picture Award at the Hollywood Fame Awards.  And of course, we're in it!  Enjoy...