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Jabo Bihlman

Check out Jabo's personal bio, highlighting his brilliant career as a performer, songwriter, TV personality and educator! Did we mention brilliant? Click the link.....enjoy!


Most of what you'd like to know about Jabo Bihlman overlaps with the Bihlman Bros. bio, because hey, he's kind of in the band!  However, aside from that Jabo is a free person out in the world and does other stuff too!  So here's a little more about him:

Current Projects:

Jabo is the lead guitarist and sometime vocalist for the new heavy blues rock powerhouse Grinder Blues, with King's X frontman dUg Pinnick and bro Scot Bihlman. 

He continues his work with Lisa Loeb and Gabuduck for the awesome new kid's iPad app called "Jenny Jenkins".  Jabo produced, arranged and played more instruments than he knew he could play for that one!  What a blast it is and he's still hard at work on it.  The app went live in June 2013 to wild critical acclaim.

Plan 9 Music Group is a new company that Jabo and a few of his rock star friends have recently begun that will provide custom production music for Film, TV and commercial placement.  A few members of the team include dUg Pinnick of King's X, Ray Luzier of Korn, legendary drummer Kenny Aronoff, Kenny Olson of Kid Rock and Keith Wyatt of the Blasters and Musicians Institute legend.  Check it out at

Jabo says his favorite question is "What can I do to help?" And his main focus is the expansion of happiness and the progressive realization of worthy goals.  He also likes margaritas, micro-brews, long walks off short piers and corny jokes most people think are stupid.  He's an avid fly fisherman and is a lover of kids, dogs, books and movies.  Being from Chicagoland, his teams are the Blackhawks and Bears!


And then there's this :)

4 Time Emmy Award winning composer/songwriter

Author of books and DVDs for Alfred Publishing, Cherry Lane Music, Workshop Arts, The National Guitar Workshop and WorkshopLive.  

Toured, recorded or performed with: BB King, ZZ Top, Ray Charles, dUg Pinnick, Buddy Guy, Jim Gaines, Bruce Robb, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Johnny Lang, Ted Nugent and many more. Veteran of sessions at Cherokee Studios, Ardent Studios, Masterlink Studios and the Dog and Pony Show. 

Placed music on FOX, CBS, ABC, TNT, CMT,,NPR, films and commercial

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Jabo's promo one sheet

Jeff "Jabo" Bihlman


Need some video?  No problemo, we gotcha covered. Check out Jabo's Demo Reel! 

Jabo’s Gear


Electric Guitars:

  • ’73 Fender Strats
  • Fender Powerhouse Strat
  • Fender Telecaster
  • Reverend Warhawk
  • Reverend Buck Shot
  • Schechter 7 String



  • Washburn J-28 SCE
  • Sigma Dreadnought
  • Johnson Resonator



  • Budda Superdrive 30 2x12
  • Fender Cyber Twin 2x12
  • Lab Series L9
  • Fishman Loudbox Performer
  • Marshall 4x12 Cab
  • Kustom 100w head
  • Kustom 1x15 cab



  • Fender Jazz Bass 



Ridiculous amount of crazy boxes that do some amazing stuff. My new favorite is my Aleks K Production Hot Ice Distortion....thing is amazing!. Some other favorites are my Boss DS-1, Radial London Bones, Option 5 Phaser, Option 5 Destination Rotation and Snarling Dogs Whino Wah. 

All my favorites reside in different configurations on 3  Pedaltrain pedal boards, which are by far the best, toughest and lightest pedal boards on planet earth!

Here is a list of manufacturers that have been gracious enough to support me in my career and whom I in turn endorse whole heartedly! I use this stuff!

  • GHS Strings, Reverend Guitars, Option 5 Pedals, Pedaltrain Pedal Boards, Hughes & Kettner, Radial Engineering and Snarling Dogs Pedals. Thanks guys!



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