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 Listen to 97.5 KLT to check it out!  It'll be available right here for download in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.  

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by The Bihlman Bros!  

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or 800.968.9558

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 And don't miss the new Grinder Blues record due out summer 2016.  And if you happen to be in Denmark or Finland in the near future, why not stop by and see a Grinder Blues show!  


Here's the schedule:



Thu Mar 31 Sello Sali , Espoo Finland 

 Fri Apr 1  Malmitalo Kulturhus, Helsinki Finland 


Sat Apr 2 Poppari Music Club, Jyväskylä, Finland 


Tue Apr 5 Klubi, Tampere Finland 


Thu Apr 7  Tobakken, Esbjerg Denmark 


Fri Apr 8  Sonderborghus, Sonderborg Denmark 


Sat Apr 9  Fermaten, Herning Denmark 


Wed Apr 13 Godset, Kolding Denmark  


Thu Apr 14  Det Bruunske Pakhus, Fredericia Denmark 

Fri Apr 15  Portalen, Greve Denmark